Finding Strength: Starting a Blog

The internet, as is obvious even from this website, is positively inundated with blogs, on any topic imaginable. I can’t imagine that anyone is particularly interested in what I have to say.

But the idea has been nagging at me, worrying at me like a dog at a bone, or some other cliché. The clincher, I think, came yesterday at a work meeting when we took the Gallup StrengthFinders 2.0 test. If you’ve never heard of this test, it’s basically a highly specific personality test that assesses your personal strengths based on a series of questions you answer in a given amount of time. The interesting part about this test is that it assesses each individual strength in light of how you score in other areas. I scored highest for areas related to intellectual pursuits (reading, writing, debating, collecting data, research) and for relational skills- in particular, skills relating to building other people up and encouraging them. This is in keeping with other tests I’ve taken recently for other job-related issues (the Plum personality test, for example, said I had “Conflict Resolution” skills), and even my gradually changing Meyers-Briggs definition– over the past few years I’ve slowly slid away from a textbook INFJ to a solid INFP- sometimes called “The Mediator” personality.

So what do these fancy tests have to do with starting a blog? After all, even with well assessed data, they are, after all, just personality tests.

Well, I, for one, have never seen these relational strengths in myself- most people, I suspect, are blind to their own true strengths, and especially so when you combine a naturally introverted and introspective nature like mine, which can, at its toxic worst, be highly self critical. I often don’t focus on my strengths at all, in fact. I had no idea that I had relational skills, or that they were apparent to others. And the one common thread in all of these silly tests? That the ideal jobs for me were teacher… or writer.

So perhaps I will share some of my thoughts here, in my most natural form: writing. And perhaps those thoughts will be enlightening or useful or funny, or insightful. Perhaps they can even build others up and help them discover their own hidden strengths. It can’t hurt to try, right?


One thought on “Finding Strength: Starting a Blog

  1. hey, we’re Briggs buddies now! ❤ (at least, last time i checked.)
    I don't know if I've ever taken the Gallup or Plum, though. I'll have to check those out, since I'm definitely the type to laugh off the "what are your strengths" question.


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